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What's Wrong with Me

Symptoms of depression and anxiety can make us feel that we are losing our minds. We often feel alone and ashamed of the feelings we are experiencing. Depression and anxiety takes away our sleep, our motivation, our energy, our confidence and changes our relationships.  How we feel is confusing and we feel that we are losing control of our life.

The good news is that counseling really can help! Counseling is not "paying for a friend to talk to", or talking about the same issues over and over. Counseling is an interactive process. Through this process, you will learn to reframe your negative thoughts, keep in mind thoughts happen before feelings, develop healthy coping skills, develop a stronger sense of self, and learn to shift your thinking away from being a "victim" to being a "creator".

Since counseling is a process, you will only get out of it what you put in. There is no magic, the counselor cannot make your life  better without your participation. If you are ready to make the changes that you need to make to create the life you want, then I am ready to work by your side to help that happen!

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